Gharana by Raniwala 1881 - Stories Through Generations

“The word gharana comes from the Hindi word ‘ghar’ which is derived from Sanskrit for Griha, which means ‘house’

Raniwala 1881 presents their Autumn/Winter 2021-22 campaign “Gharana”. Gharana is an emotion of their values, traditions, and legacy. It’s the home that you leave behind, but the legacy that you take with you. Gharana is a celebration of their journey and the stories they brought with an essence of ancestral heritage and intricate craftsmanship. It traces the rich and exuberant craft that has been a generational prodigy for the people and their culture.

Setting up home amidst the salmon pink walls, the grand, palatial architecture of the Jaipur city draped in an appeasing pink hue, holds a story around every corner. The warm and earthy colour palette of the collection is an ode to the golden sand dunes and sage lands. Far-sized polki diamonds on stunning chokers and beautiful hathphools are synonymous with the lingering emotion for life and paints different strokes of belonging in the heart and mind of a bride adorning Gharana by Raniwala 1881. A spirited addition to this traditional Rajasthani jewellery are bejewelled baju-bandhs with elaborate tassels of emeralds and kaleeras dangling from stunning bracelets. Gharana is an emotion shared by the daughters who takes their ancestral lineage ahead, while always carrying their values with them.

Gharana by Raniwala 1881 holds the stories of a bride’s principles and her legacy that became the foundation for who she which is reflected on her big day.”

gharana collection
Gharana Campaign
Autumn 2021-22
Raniwala 1881
gharana campaign